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Next Generation StaffingWare is a user-friendly software with all the provisions a staffing company needs

Payrolls Generation
Customer Access
Synchronized App
AR Management
Multiple Rates
Recruitment Dashboard
Master Calendar
Time Management

Run your entire business with Next Generation StaffingWare

Scheduling and Staffing

Without missing any details, Staffing Coordinators created the staffing features for Next Generation StaffingWare. They designed these features to make staffing simple and seamless. Easily create, view, assign/unassign, and cancel shifts, readily see all qualified staff, enjoy system alerts for overtime and expired credentials, send staffing reports and credentials to your facility partners, and so much more. Your workforce will see created, available, and canceled shifts in real time and receive real-time notifications. Everything you need is available in Next Generation StaffingWare, providing efficiency for busy staffing companies.


Clock in/out










Next Generation StaffingWare manages your payroll with real-time clock-in, clock-out, and e-sign timeslips. The ability to automatically apply multiple rates according to pre-designed rules. Next Generation StaffingWare manages your billing by automating routine tasks and tracking details more efficiently, saving you and your company much-needed time. With our system, invoices are auto-generated and sent directly to your customers, ending the hassle and headache of manual processes and costly mistakes. Record payments without difficulty, track AR, and expect a treasure trove of other features Next Generation StaffingWare offers.


Customer Access

With customer access, you can allow your facility partners to access their staffing portion of your software. The Customer will have options to create, assign, and cancel shifts. You will receive real-time notifications for everything your customer does while in the portal. The system is user-friendly and can remove back-and-forth emails by allowing the customer an option for "self-service".

Mobile App

Our Mobile App is seamlessly integrated with our Next Generation StaffingWare site.

Clock In

Clock Out

Reliability, future or past shifts

Office staff can see real-time updates through NG StaffingWare, where shifts can be approved or denied, credentials confirmed, clock in and out monitored, and much more!

Push Notifications will automatically remind clinicians of upcoming shifts, to clock in and out, expiring credentials, and more!

View Profile

Upload Credentials

Request Shifts

Digitally Signed timeslip with geo fencing

Click to Certify

Manage time records and certify time with a simple click. Need to uncertify? Another simple click!


Easy Payroll Export

Create and export your payroll with a simple click.


With the Click of a Button Create Your Nurse Profile


What Our Customers Say About Us


Next Generation StaffingWare is the perfect program to perform my job effectively. It is a great resource to stay on top of things and to keep track of my tasks for my clinicians to make it to the next step in the hiring process. It is also very easy to navigate. -KB



Next Generation StaffingWare makes it so easy to use and it is a great tool to keep up with everything during the hiring process. From here I am able to track the applicants, check their credentials, store their badge photo, and add all my notes. I recommend this awesome program to every recruiter. -AH



Next Generation StaffingWare is my one stop shop to get my job quickly and efficiently. Everything I need to complete payroll, generate and edit invoices, as well as audit and research, is all at my fingertips. I love how Next Generation StaffingWare is all encompassing. Customer information, clinician information, timekeeping, invoices, various reports - with a few clicks, it’s all right there! - BB



I love using Next Generation StaffingWare because it is so easy to use and I can access everything I need to get my job done. I am in charge of managing the credentials for over 300 employees. Next Generation StaffingWare streamlines the entire process.Things that used to take me hours now take minutes! DD



Next Generation StaffingWare makes my job 100% more efficient. I am able to keep up with clinicians, clients, and office employees all from one platform. Everything from reviewing the Staffing Coordinators’ performance, to daily schedules, to payroll reports, to expired clinician credentials. -LH

Vice President of Operations


Next Generation StaffingWare is clean, crisp and user friendly. It allows for smooth transitions between information which make staffing and scheduling much more efficient. Next Generation StaffingWare is easy to navigate and allows me to utilize reports to gain insight on current and future schedules and needs, as well as scheduling and clinician history, to make scheduling more intuitive and structured.-VR